We know your residents will enjoy visiting the virtual world of doVille®.  Seniors will look forward to going back to a place in time that they recognize as safe and fun.

VR therapy has been around for a few years.  Many LTC’s, assisted living and nursing homes are already taking advantage of this progressive memory therapy application.

So why is doVille® a better option?

From a health perspective, every doVille® visit stimulates the brain in the areas that needs it most. The science behind doVille® suggests that each session stimulates the hippocampus and encourages the growth of connections that form and retain memories.

to show a resident experiencing doVille®

The science behind doVille® is compelling. The gaming component of doVille® builds on a “Mario 64” study that exposed seniors to video gaming and music training. This training showed an increase in grey matter in the cerebellum in older adults.

Read a White Paper on the science behind doVille®.

Learn more about how doVille® can be a game-changer for your resident activity and programming by booking your personalized demonstration here.



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